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Uncensored XV - Naughty Xmas 2015
December 24, 2015 11:41 AM PST
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Warning: Explict Content – The Boom Bap Radio duo of Masta Talka and the eternally Angry Engineer close out 2015 in frank fashion with a funky Christmas show laced with plenty of..um, Xmas cheer and of course classic Hip Hop. We lament the terrorist attacks in San Bernadino, Ca., pool our cash to get DMX out of more legal trouble and try to figure out how typing “lardass” into an iPhone auto corrects to Mrs. Kanye West. Talk about your Christmas bulbs…Hey, ‘tis the season. We of course burn the yule log with Run-DMC, the Treacherous Three, Trez Lorenz, Alicia Keys and Eazy E. So put the kiddies to bed and pour yourself a healthy helping of egg nog – It’s Boom Bap Radio’s holiday hoe down and it’s so, so nasty.

Faux Black Blues - Boom Bap Radio - Oct. 11, 2015
October 31, 2015 07:53 PM PDT
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With just a year left in the political "Silly Season" that will bring us El Presidente nombre 45, the crazy jumped out with a vengeance as Republicans fought each other over the interrogation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the attacks in Benghazi and who will face the former First Lady in the 2016 Presidential Election. Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump duked it out for pole position and Rupert Murdoch told us Dr. Ben is evidently the new Black. Boy, some people will say about anything. With such mayhem, only the jazziest of all Hip Hop could help. A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Erykah Badu, Diamond D, Showbiz & A.G.; De La Soul and Buckshot LeFonque provided the backbeat for a two man show with only the Angry Engineer and Masta Talka - AGAIN. So put on your unitard and do the Slut Walk – Kanye’s running in 2020. It's Boom Bap Radio.

The Back To School/Labor Day Jam - Boom Bap Radio - Sept. 5, 2015
October 02, 2015 04:13 AM PDT
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On Labor Day weekend 2015, the last two men standing, the Angry Engineer and Masta Talka, chopped it up, held it down for Hip Hop and bid adieu to the kiddies returning to their studies. We call it multi-tasking. However, the dynamic duo couldn’t ignore the news of the week. We had contemptuous and insubordinate township clerks, The Donald doing what he do, Hillary’s ongoing email scandal, and kids grabbing drive thru order takers through the window. But because we give a home to the stupid we had Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her dead-headed questions, The VMA’s and Straight Outta Compton topping the box office for an entire month - take that Eric and Osman! But musically it was all good, Leaders of the New School, K-Solo; Showbiz & A.G., Digital Underground, Public Enemy and many more kept us cool at Summer's end. Kan-Yeezy for POTUS in 2020??? – It’s Boom Bap Radio.

State of Ferguson, Mo. - Boom Bap Radio - Aug. 15, 2015
August 16, 2015 09:40 AM PDT
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You know things are all kind of messed up in the world when the one year anniversary of shooting death elicits events from those celebrating the life of the victim and that of the gunman. Be it “RIP Michael Brown” or “Happy Darren Wilson Day” today’s racial divide seems to be right in the American heartland and if you know us, we’ve never met a divide we couldn’t exploit. The BBR crew of The C.O., Angry Engineer and Masta Talka were a divisive as ever and giggled like children at the chasm of racial despair. Fresh-off an Ol’ School concert in Da Brick City, all hands were on deck to work the black seam. Africa Bam and the Soulsonic Force, Joeski Love, T. La Rock, Melle Mel, Slick Rick, Snoop, Dre. Ice Cube and Run-D.M.C. all pitched in for comedy gold and the best Hip Hop on the web. What? I really can’t have one of your tasty burgers? Seriously? Dude, don’t have a Big Mac Attack! – It’s Boom Bap Radio.

UNCENSORED XIV – R.I.P. Fatal – Boom Bap Radio - July 18, 2015
July 19, 2015 07:06 AM PDT
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CAUTION – EXPLICT MATERIAL! - A somber trio of J-Crush, Angry Engineer and The Masta Talka joined together in this episode to salute local MC and legendary member of the Outlawz – Hussein Fatal. Fatal, one of Crush’s closest friends since childhood, grew from shouting out “Nasty New Street” on his block to international fame as one of the Lil’ Homies who partnered with Hip Hop icon Tupac Shakur towards the end of his life. Tragically Fatal was killed in a car crash just outside his home in Georgia while a passenger in a ill-fated vehicle. We remember the good times and celebrate a brilliant mind. Of course we are aided by Tupac, The Outlawz, Redman, The Artifacts, Slick Rick, Mic Geronimo, DMX, Jah Rule and Cormega on this trip down memory lane. Celebrating a Thug Life – It’s Boom Bap Radio.

Happy 4th of July! - Boom Bap Radio - July 4, 2015
July 05, 2015 06:04 AM PDT
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On this glorious day we celebrated American independence, but also had to chat about all of the flap that has arisen around flying the Confederate flag. Some in South Carolina wondered should they take it down, if they had enough votes to get it down or were Black folks just being too darn sensitive. You know it’s not every day you get to see a symbol of terrorism flying above a state capital. Then along came a hero. Bree Newsome, had enough of the in-fighting, so she ripped that flag from its pole and threw it on the ground! How American! The BBR core of The C.O., Masta Talka, and Angry Engineer lit fireworks in celebration of the might Bree and giggled at all of the Donald’s lost sponsorship, P. Poppa Diddy Pop’s clumsy azz and that Ignant Black Tea Partier, who just needs some friends. Of course Kurtis Blow, Nice & Smooth, Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Raekwon the Chef, Redman, the Four Owls and our man E.X. and so many others joined in to munch on some bar-b-que and eat potato salad. Pssst, to our little Tea Party Tomette – slavery wasn’t a choice. SMH. Happy 4th of July - It’s Boom Bap Radio!

The Massacre - Boom Bap Radio - Jun. 20, 2015
July 04, 2015 01:32 PM PDT
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When killer prisoners from New York freely roam the countryside and a blonde haired, blue eyed woman ends her masquerade as a Black woman, only a racist, psycho could end the week with a bang. The nation turned its lonely eyes to Charleston, S.C. where a racist shot up a church in post-racial America and only prayers and Hip Hop could get us all through the tragedy. We called upon EPMD, Chubb Rock, Das EFX, Lauryn Hill, Diamond D, Queen Latifah, Heavy D & the Boyz, A Tribe Called Quest and so many more to put this massacre in proper perspective. Hey what are y’all doing with those dogs? Ewww – that’s nastyy! It’s Boom Bap Radio!

Police and "Thugs" In the Streets - Boom Bap Radio - May 9, 2015
May 10, 2015 12:05 PM PDT
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A week removed from the riotous protests in Baltimore, Md., six police officers face charges, police unions push back and call for the removal of Baltimore’s prosecutor and of course another black man gets shot by authorities by mistake – such is life. It’s a mad, mad, world, but the BBR crew of Masta Talka, the C.O. and Angry Engineer try to find some sense of a planet where Floyd Mayweather is criticized for boxing his way to a victory, more candidates join the GOP presidential circus and Redman gets criticized for not being “ghetto fab-enough” – 14-years ago? This world is pretty odd, but the Hip Hop is funky. Busy Bee; the Crooklyn Dodgers; Sugar Hill Gang; De La Soul, Common, Busta Rhymes and Eminem joined us for double shots of phunky phat rhymes. Yo, white people we really appreciate you, no seriously. Whoa, what is that smell? Smells like P. Poppa Diddy Pop. It’s Boom Bap Radio!

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes - Boom Bap Radio - April 25, 2015
April 26, 2015 12:07 PM PDT
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So when the greatest American hero from the 70’s tells the world that he is going in for gender re-assignment surgery, it’s obvious that change is afoot, but for us at Boom Bap Radio – what was old, was really new again. We welcomed the return of the wayward J-Crush, our resident MC and, like everyone else in the country, watched Mr. Wheaties Bruce Jenner chop it up with Diane Sawyer shortly before he officially morphs into “She.” I think I should have been more disturbed, but I actually just felt sad for dude, three marriages, a bunch of kids and a few gold medals can’t hide who you are inside. For us Hip Hop is who we are, so we served a veritable breakfast of champions. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five; Kool Moe Dee, Grand Puba, Run-DMC, Mobb Deep and all of the usual suspects laid down their classic funk and we took in new joints from De La Soul featuring NaS and Ghostface with Kool G. Rap, AZ and Tre Williams. So what do you get when you mistakenly shoot an unarmed man to death? A vacation in the Bahamas, of course - smh. Yo, was that a coyote or a bison? It’s Boom Bap Radio!

Cruzin' 4 A Brusin' - UNCENSORED XIII - Boom Bap Radio - March 28, 2015
March 29, 2015 09:38 AM PDT
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What happens when a mad man tries to enter the White House? I’m guessing you’d better get a little gangsta. Such was the case for the BBR Crew for its 13th Uncensored episode. Cousin Ricko came to visit the Angry Engineer, C.O. and Masta Talka and things got explicit. Still Crush-less, but now fully loaded, the crew prepared for the 2016 Presidential run in the wake of Sen. Ted Cruz’s announcement that he was running for the nation’s highest office. Deranged, Canadian and a little scary, Cruz dominated headlines this week and even got himself some Obamacare to boot. However, his efforts were ineffective against Old School Hip Hop. Going all bi-coastal, the 20-year anniversary of Eazy-E’s passing was commemorated with some N.W.A., Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Snoop. We then brought it back to Jerz with Redman, the Outsidaz and Trends of Culture before adding a sprinkling of Eminem and Ludacris. Our Bill Cosby sex tracker was expanded to Chelsea Handler; we pondered why a racist kid needed all available Oklahomians of African descent to be his backdrop for an apology and why Iggy Azelea’s booty grew 5-sizes in a few months – overall, a pretty solid performance. Hey, Hal could you open the cockpit door? It’s Boom Bap Radio.

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